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On an average year Reptile Wonders – The Nature Center on the go receives over 50 different wounded animals at their facility. The animals arrive with injuries spanning  from encounters with cars, to general bacterial infections of the ear.


Each animal has a basic check-up, diagnosed for any problems, and treated for their injuries. After treatment, the rehabilitation process begins. Reptile Wonders employs numerous habitat set-ups from indoor ponds ranging from 45 gallons to 500 gallons, to outdoor enclosures mimicking the natural environment.


Each animal's progress is documented, and is released as soon as they are fit enough to survive the wilds of the environment. Some of the animals we have seen are the following:
snapping turtles, box turtles, copperheads, skinks, and pond sliders.


In addition, we provide assistance  for  some of the other local

wildlife rehabilitation centers  by transporting and releasing some of the rehabilitated animals when their facilities get busy.