We travel to your corporate event location, and put on a hand-on demonstration or static presentation for your guests.


Hands-on Demonstrations: Join us as we do a hands-on, interactive presentation with 12-15 different exotic

species of reptiles. We bring

everything from baby turtles to giant tortoises (exceeding 35 lbs), monitor lizards (over 4 long), to large pythons (over 9 in length). We discuss where these animals can be found, what they eat, and what eats them.


Static/Petting Zoo Demonstrations: Similar to above description, except the animals are exhibited in temporary

enclosures with interpretive signs by each animal. This format permits the attendees to drift in and out of the

exhibit, while still being able to touch some of the animals. This program

incorporates over 40 of enclosures, with 15- 20 animals on display.

(410) 374-0336